Analogue to Digital Conversion

Inbound and Outbound digital conversion for Analogue Warden Call Systems

Analogue to digital conversion without compromise providing you with the confidence you are continuing to provide safe, reliable telecare services to your customers

The Challenge

BT Openreach have announced their plans to switch off the analogue telephony network (PSTN) by 31 December 2025.

This switch over to a digital network poses risks to developments running analogue warden call systems, over an analogue PSTN or ISDN telephone line. These aged systems, in their current state, will struggle to communicate to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) over a digital line, once the switchover has occurred.

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Analogue to Digital Conversion

Sentinel are able to provide and install a digital converter which converts the vast majority of analogue, grouped (sometimes called Scheme) warden call equipment to work over a digital telephone line. 

This converter will successfully place inbound and outbound calls to ARCs using the existing system on site. The digital converter allows the transfer of TT92, TTNew and BS8521-1 analogue telecare alarm protocols digitally across the NOWIP network to your ARC.

This solution is compatible with warden call (Emergency Call Systems) from manufacturers such as Tunstall, Tynetec and Chubb.

The solution provides enhanced redundancy over a current analogue connection by providing 4G backup, which will take over communications with the ARC in the event of a broadband failure.

The digital converter is an ideal solution for sites whereby budget constraints may restrict the ability to upgrade before 2025, or where your current system is not old enough to justify a complete upgrade yet.

Whilst digital converters are a great solution to keep your systems working past 2025, they are designed to be a ‘stop gap’ until a fully digital system can be installed. To support you in achieving full digital compliance, Sentinel will credit the cost of your digital converter installation off of the cost of a new system upgrade should you choose Sentinel to supply and fit your new system.

Digital Connections

Digital Converter

  • Limited to one call at a time
  • Slow connection speeds
  • Potential loss of line failure monitoring

Fully Digital Warden Call System

  • Possibility of multiple calls at once
  • Faster connection speeds to the control centre
  • Enhanced system monitoring

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