Technology Enabled Care

As a leading supplier of Technology enabled care services Sentinel strives to deliver telehealth and telecare solutions that is digital, accessible and cost-effective.

we specialise in the installation, servicing and ongoing maintenance in both legacy and future technologies working closely with the TSA – The voice of technology enabled care, to support the industries future growth


supporting communities with wide ranging telehealth services that support people to live independently for longer.

We are manufacturer backed to design install and maintain digital systems that is right for you and your long term plans

Proudly supporting the countries legacy equipment needs – by retaining vital equipment from early 1980’s systems through to currently on the market we can replace the part and give a vital life line to the organisation to gather the appropriate fundings for new systems. 


Your Journey to Digital

With the ever-changing times, technology is constantly being updated, and new methods are always being implemented. This means that some care technology may be running using the old analogue system. Here at Sentinel, we understand that some people may be so used to their current systems they do not want to move onto new technology, just update their existing ones. Many other companies do not have access to the old parts, but here at Sentinel, we have an extensive range of stock holding all the old equipment. This means we can easily get parts to replace and fix analogue systems if something was to go wrong.

Changing and updating from analogue systems, especially for elderly people, could cause confusion, and they might not know how to use the newer systems. Companies like BT want to make everything digital by 2025, and we can help with the ease over to this and the changing and updating of the older analogue systems. Sentinel will ensure that we are always on hand to help and guide them through the change with support 24 hours a day, seven days a week! We will manage the analogue to digital changeover end to end to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with their new system and know exactly how to use it. Updating the older running and outdated systems is essential for the safety of people using them. Older running systems may not pick up or detect specific calls, which could leave some people in a life-threatening condition, unable to get the help they need.

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